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iBridge Group has the technology and the experience to deliver the solutions your business or government entity requires. By simplifying data management and connecting people with the information they seek, we can streamline the business process, increasing speed, performance and efficiency , while enhancing the human experience. Equally important, we can ensure that your organization’s most critical information is secure and protected.

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Solutions that integrate with existing enterprise infrastructures to focus on user experience, advanced process management capabilities and accelerator frameworks.

As an Adobe Solution Partner, iBridge leverages LiveCycle ES to develop intelligent forms and engaging Internet applications that improve the user experience and streamline business processes. The solutions use the standard Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash with PDF, SWF and XML standards. The solutions are J2EE compatible and run on industry-standard application servers.


Industry-leading capture technologies for data extraction, paper-to-digital conversion and distributed capture environments.

Using the flexible and scalable capture software, 2D barcode integration and advanced automated data extraction, iBridge can help your company bring capture technologies from the back office to the front, providing electronic records with a defined, auditable process. Documents can be automatically seperated, classified, and indexed based on content or format.


Complete content management solutions to put you in compliance.

Utilizing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, iBridge Group merges capture management, process management, records management and application integration solutions to give your company a competitive edge. By providing efficient and effective content management–whether in-house or as a hosted solution–iBridge Group can help you achieve all of your business goals.


Streamline every task with award-winning BPM

iBridge Group and its Business Process Management (BPM) partners are bringing an innovative approach to solutions design and construction to our customers.  In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations need to be agile so they can respond to whatever challenges come their way. BPM provides that agility by giving you more direct control over operational processes. BPM aids in creating value for the enterprise through growth, improved performance, better productivity, higher staff effectiveness, and better customer service. All of these improvements result directly from improved processes!