Meet the Team

iBridge Group has facilitated digital transformation for thousands of clients since 2006. Founder Jennifer Cumpian has formed a team of experts to guide clients through their different technology needs.  Every business has its own set of circumstances. We design programs to integrate your existing technology investment using proven tools and best practices, resulting in tangible returns for your organization. We use our decades of experience to provide solutions for your specific need.

We are excited and motivated by the results obtained from digital transformation platforms and tools! Our solutions bridge the information gap, connecting you with the information and technology your organization needs.

Jennifer Cumpian

Jennifer Cumpian

CEO & Chief Technology Officer

Jennifer is the Founder, CEO, and CTO of iBridge Group. Serving in the United States Air Force and working for Electronic Data Systems Corporation provided her with the skills, experience, and leadership qualities to drive company growth and infuse her leadership team with infectious energy and passion that sets iBridge Group apart.

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience providing project management, system design, and application development in multiple environments. She is a seasoned architect with excellent conceptual and design skills and expertise in all phases of the software development life cycle in settings ranging from small cities and school districts to Fortune 500 organizations.

In her personal life, she loves reading, gardening, and playing with her granddaughters.

Steve Gonelli

Steve Gonelli

Director of Managed Services

Steve is the Director of Managed Services at iBridge Group. His focus on customer operations, team building, and customer expectations have enabled our managed services line of business to continue to grow while maintaining current contracts.

When Steve isn’t busy at iBridge Group, you can find him getting his steps in on Central Texas’s trails and golf courses. He will often attend partner conferences whenever there is a golf tournament at the event.

Molly Rivera

Molly Rivera

Chief Operations Officer

Molly is the COO at iBridge Group and is responsible for operations and project management service groups. She is committed to our values, our customers, and our employees.

Molly has worked for over 24 years in the energy sector in California and Texas. She has been responsible for several high-profile deregulation, tolls, and tax processing projects. Molly is proud to be on the Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications (TASSCC) board representing iBridge Group.

When she isn’t busy at iBridge Group, you can find her exercising every morning at 5:00 in a field somewhere in Austin with a group of early birds, competing to be the best in the latest monthly challenge. As a former Olympian, Molly loves competitions!