Services that you and your customers demand.

iBridge has the technology and the experience to deliver the solutions your business or government entity requires. By simplifying data management and connecting people with the information they seek, we can streamline the business process, increasing speed, performance and efficiency while enhancing the human experience. Equally important, we can ensure that your organization’s most critical information is secure and protected.

Our leading-edge technologies are available for both workgroups and the enterprise. They span access and content, support multimedia and business-critical applications. Our service portfolio–for businesses large and small–includes installation, system configuration, application development, support, and software maintenance.


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CERTIFIED INSTALLATIONS --- A foundation for reliability.

Certified Installations. A foundation for reliability.

iBridge has the technology and the experience to deliver the necessary services to perform certified installations for Kofax, Adobe and your ECM platform. Our experience allows us to leverage an approach and methodology that ensures the proper architecture, security and sizing is defined to allow a solid foundation is deployed. This approach allows your organization to have the necessary framework to build upon and the required documentation for audits and compliance as well as for ongoing support and maintenance.

Our certified teams have practical installations experience ranging from departmental to enterprise-level implementations, and the processes required to meet the level of work and defined budgets.

iBridge offers the following Installation Services:

  • Departmental Installation Package
  • Enterprise Installation Package

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SYSTEM UPGRADES --- Making the right decision.

System Upgrades. Making the right decision.

When it comes to capture, forms and content management platforms, ensuring that all the information is provided prior to an upgrade is essential. iBridge provides the necessary information to make the right decision when determining the upgrade path of your system.

Performing upgrades on time, within budget and more importantly not impacting business functionality requires both software expertise as well as understanding how the system is being utilized. Our experience and past success is attributed to our planning and execution of tasks associated with upgrade and migration processes.

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SYSTEM INTEGRATION --- Accelerate your ROI.

System Integration. Accelerate your ROI.

iBridge Groups’ System Integration services uses a proven methodology to successfully integrate applications across different platforms and technologies, which help in enhancing productivity and profitability, thereby increasing your ROI. Our Systems Integration offerings are adaptive to client needs and bring distinctive value across diverse technology offerings enabling your organization to deliver the highest level of quality, service and achieve your business objectives.

Our team has expertise in diverse ECM related technologies and is backed by experienced technical and functional consultants as well as certified product experts in Adobe, Kofax and FileNet.

Our typical methodology for system integration includes the following:

  • Business and systems process analysis
  • System architecture and design
  • Project and process management
  • Status and milestone reports, budget tracking
  • Custom application software development
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Support

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BUSINESS ASSESSMENTS --- Obtain document workflow transparency.

Business Assessments. Obtain document workflow transparency.

iBridge Group provides document assessment services to allow your organization to better understand your document lifecycle costs as well as recommended industry options to improve efficiencies.

We provide an approach and methodology that allows an audit of your organization’s documents, which can offer you the document workflow transparency needed to gain more accurate information regarding costs associated with your documents, where efficiencies can be gained, and an introduction to new technologies that can streamline processes and put money back into your budget.

Document Lifecycle Strategy Assessment

Our team has years of solution experience with capture, form, process and content management technologies across several industries. This experience along with our auditing techniques to capture costs from generating, capturing, and retrieving documents, allows us to present organizations with a document to assess their current operations. iBridge uses the document lifecycle as a common structure to collect and analyze information, and then render cost-benefit recommendations that help reduce costs by improving workflow, increasing efficiency and enhancing productivity.

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ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN --- Adapting to your environment.

Solution Architecture & Design. Adapting to your environment.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions encompass many components across an organization’s business and IT infrastructure. These include network architecture, capture management, form management, record management, business process management and all information lifecycles associated with the business.

A successful solution requires more than understanding the technology to be deployed; it also requires an understanding of how the solution will work in your environment. iBridge provides a team of professionals that will provide an approach and methodology to document the architecture and ensure that the interactions and dependencies have been properly integrated in the design.

The development of the solution architecture includes reviewing both the business processes as well as the existing IT infrastructure and architectural standards within the environment where the solution will be implemented. Once the baseline is defined, the components of the architecture, their roles, and the connectivity between components can be identified.

A typical Solutions Architecture and Design includes:

  • A Requirements Definition;
  • An Environmental Review;
  • Identification of Architectural Options;
  • Architectural Development;
  • Detailed Design Definition

iBridge Groups’ Solution Architecture and Design service provides the organization with a clear understanding of what components are required for the solution and how these components will interact with their business and IT environment.

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CONVERSION & SCANNING --- Flexible Services to meet your needs

Conversion & Scanning. Flexible Services to meet your needs

iBridge Group offers flexible onsite and offsite document conversion services that will turn your paper documents into digital images, and provide them in a format that will meet your requirements. We provide three primary services that can adapt to your conversion project budget requirements. These services include Back File Conversion, Day Forward Conversion and Conversion Training.

Back File Conversion Services

iBridge provides the experience, conversion facilities and staff to convert your archive documents from paper into an electronic format to meet your retrieval requirements. We provide an onsite assessment that allows you to evaluate your options and the approach as to the type of document conversion.

We provide either an onsite or an offsite conversion approach to meet your conversion needs, while lowering risks associated with business interruption, security compliance, and overall costs.

Day Forward Conversion Services

iBridge also offers another approach for organizations that may not have the infrastructure, staff or time to continue to digitize paper documents when an electronic content management system has been deployed. In these circumstances, we offer day forward conversion services utilizing our trained staff and proven capture technology. Depending upon the volume and available space within your organization, we may dedicate staff and equipment onsite or offer our mobile onsite conversion to capture on a scheduled basis. We can provide an offsite day forward conversion, which follows strict transfer, security, and tracking protocols on a schedule that captures documents to meet your document availability needs.

Conversion Training

iBridge provides conversion training for organizations that would prefer to manage their own conversion process; however do not have the necessary experience to define the require processes, procedures and metrics for a successful project. Our conversion specialists can provide the necessary documentation and training for your staff to kick off your conversion as well as answer questions during the process to optimize the implemented capture processes.

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FORM SOLUTIONS -- Improving data accuracy while reducing data entry

Form Solutions. Improving data accuracy while reducing data entry

iBridge Group has teams that specialize in the design and development of intelligent dynamic interactive PDF forms, eForm data capture and form workflow solutions for both public and private sector organizations. Our form design and development services assist our customers in implementing electronic and paper forms, data capture and workflow processes quickly, reliably and above all cost effectively.

We convert your existing forms or design new forms based upon the requirements as well as guide you with industry standards and efficient design methods. We provide you with a phased approach that includes steps starting with your existing paper form and continues through the steps required to capture the information more efficiently by using barcodes and steps for providing the same form electronically through your website.

Our experienced team can assist you with accessibility activities as well as providing a library of common calculations, validation, and edits to save on design, development and deployment costs. This information and experience can provide your organization with the tools and processes necessary to optimize your business processes.

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