Pega® Services & Solutions

Pega® Services & Solutions

Pegasystems (Pega®) is the industry leader in providing Business Process Management (BPM) software solutions. Through their patented Build for Change® technology, organizations can achieve new levels of agility and become more competitive.

Pegasystems offers a unique approach and a unified business rules management system that includes process flows, integration, user experience, case management, security and governance in a common platform. This model allows iBridge to use Pega to directly capture business objectives (requirements); automatically generate system, user, and testing documents based on these objectives; and through automated capabilities in Pega, reduce mundane programming tasks such as audit trails, security, and a wide variety of system documentation.

Pegasystems helps some of the world’s largest organizations achieve new levels of agility, become more competitive, and innovate in ways they often did not know were possible. Their patented Build for Change® technology enables organizations to realize rapid and significant business returns.

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