iBridge Group has the technology and the experience to deliver the solutions your organization requires. We can streamline your business processes, increasing speed, performance and efficiency, while enhancing the human experience. Equally important, we are committed to providing the support you need to protect your Kofax investment.


iBridge Group provides documentation, delivery, and maintenance for all your Kofax products. This includes all product updates delivered via service packs and upgrades delivered via minor and major releases.  Software maintenance includes accelerated response to Kofax production outages during normal business hours.  The first hour of any production outage is always treated as a software maintenance issue, which is complementary.  Your annual software maintenance includes all service hours related to Kofax defects.


iBridge Group provides full support coverage during normal business hours.  Off-hour and weekend support is available on a contract basis.  Support hours can be utilized to resolve issues within your environment.  These hours cover Kofax issues beyond software defects and can be used to address integration issues with outside systems, custom configuration support as well as assistance with OS, database, or other upgrades/changes within the customer’s environment. Support hours can be billed monthly or you can pre-pay for buckets of hours at a lower rate.


iBridge Group understands that sometimes customers desire enhancements to their solution without the overhead of a large project. To address this need we offer task-oriented development services.  These hours can be employed to add functionality requested by the customer.  Support hours can be utilized to facilitate the migration into production.  This service can be requested by simply utilizing our ticketing system, paralleling our maintenance and support services process.  Development hours can be billed monthly or you can pre-pay for buckets of hours at a lower rate.

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